Our Salads

6,45 $

Small house salad

Lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion and creamy balsamic

12,75 $

Sexy Goat

Romaine lettuce, spinach, dried cranberries, dried raisins, strawberries, crumbled goat cheese, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and honey mustard dressing with a slice of goat cheese toast

12,75 / with chicken 17,75


Chopped romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons, smoked bacon, shaved parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing

13,95 / with chicken : 18,95


Romaine lettuce, arugula, iceberg, avocado, smoked bacon, hardboiled egg, cheddar cheese, Danish blue cheese, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, red onion and ranch dressing

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