Concept & story

It is in honor of all the mothers in the world that La Belle et La Bœuf is born. I, the man, am nothing without my mother. Without her, I am weak, I always complain, and I believe I am .invincible: I am La Belle. She is strong, she never complains, she put me into this world, she overcomes all obstacles, she is always there for me especially in my worst moment: my mother is La Bœuf.

Leader in the world of burgers, La Belle et La Bœuf offers an incomparable choice of burgers with premium quality ingredients. An incomparable quality from 100% natural Certified Angus Beef, made with 100% real ground chuck, never frozen and no hormones added. Each bite will be memorable, and you will understand why La Belle et La Bœuf offers the best burgers in Canada (winning year after year on Burger Week). You won’t be leaving La Belle et La Boeuf unsatisfied.

La Belle et La Bœuf is the first restaurant in Canada to incorporate mixology and game tables. We offer a variety of premium alcohol-based cocktails concocted by expert mixologists. We also have a wide selection of beers brewed locally and internationally that make great pairings with our food menu.

The decor is unique, created by the designer and concept creator Jacques Gaspo (co-founder of the La Belle et La Bœuf banner for his mother), it is a mix of the early 1970s: an anarchist sports bar concept in the image of the revolution for peace era that won’t make you dizzy, but will keep you serene and happy!

Liberty is anarchy.

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