The most loved of all comfort food is served with B&B curd cheese, brown gravy and our organic pesticide-free fresh cut potatoes. (Replace your side for a poutine for 2.00 off the prices below.)

18,95 $

Poutine Keto

Celeriac, green beans, do-rémi cheese, green shallots, bacon, keto sauce

Smaller size at : 6,95 / Huge Regular : 9,25

Poutine Classic

10,75 $

Poutine Hotdog

10,75 $

Poutine The Beauty

Red pepper, mushrooms and sautéed onions

11,45 $

Poutine The Beeeef

Spiced ground CAB and sautéed onions

11,95 $

Poutine Robert

Hotdog, smoked bacon and sautéed mushrooms

11,95 $

Poutine Gabriel

Smoked bacon, red pepper, sautéed mushrooms and sautéed onions

12,45 $

Poutine Dynamite

Merguez sausage, jalapenos, Tabasco and hot pepper salsa

12,75 $

Poutine B.O.M.

Smoked bacon, sautéed onions and merguez sausage

14,95 $

Poutine Montreal!

Smoked meat, sliced pickles and honey mustard

14,95 $

Poutine Syndicate

Spiced ground CAB, smoked bacon, pepperoni and hot dog

14,95 $

Poutine Colossus

BBQ pulled pork braised for 12 hours and fried onions

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